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"An Amazing New Dimension of

Reiki Healing"


Sound Healing Sample Video


The Reiki Sound Healing sensation . . . with stunning scientific proof


These sound recordings are scientifically proven to unlock Reiki energy when we listen to them.

Torsten A. Lange, Hay House author and internationally renowned Reiki researcher, initially made these recordings for his students to help them access Reiki more deeply. Much to his surprise, when he played them to people not practicing Reiki, they had an immediate effect of relaxation and healing.

To rule out any potential placebo effect, Torsten then decided to play the recordings to water before it went through a process of scientific analysis in a laboratory. The images taken under the microscope then gave the stunning proof: The quality of the water is dramatically improved. It is healing…

(Obviously, given that most the human body mass is made up of water, this shows that it also has an effect on us.)

Reiki, one of the world’s best-known healing modalities, is used in hospitals, clinics, and by millions of private practitioners. But normally it is used as a palm-healing technique.

So far, hardly anybody was aware that its power can also be accessed through sound. This ground-breaking revelation now means that:

EVERYONE can experience the healing power of Reiki - simply by listening to these recordings.

Stunningly, Torsten’s scientific research also revealed that Reiki works on a wide spectrum of frequencies:

1. The physical level

For physical healing, re-energizing, clearing blockages, protection, and cellular relaxation

2. The emotional and spiritual level

For emotional healing, inner balance, mental clarity, and spiritual guidance + intuition.

3. The soul level

To experience unconditional love, heal past traumas, open our heart chakra, allow forgiveness, realise our connection with the universe, and experience oneness.

The Reiki Sound Healing Clinic includes recordings for all three levels plus a special compilation of all three, together with exclusively composed healing music.

Experience the Reiki Sound healing sensation yourself. Start the journey of healing on all levels…

Time-Limited special offer:

  • Get lifetime access to the Reiki Sound Healing Clinic for the price of less than a classic Reiki treatment
  • 5 hours of recordings
  • Learn about Reiki and the ground-breaking scientific evidence in 60 minutes of videos with Torsten
  • Downloadable MP3 versions of all recordings to tale your healing wherever you go
  • Bonus: Video lessons on Reiki History and the meaning of Rei and Ki
  • Special Offer: $FREE instead of $97
  • Lifetime Access

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About Torsten

Torsten A. Lange is founder and director of The Reiki Academy in London, an international speaker and workshop facilitator, and the only Hay House author for Reiki. He has done extensive research into the history and spiritual foundations of Reiki, and taught thousands of students worldwide. And, last but not least, he credits Reiki with saving his life and bringing it back on track!

After graduating from Hamburg University, he began his career as an entrepreneur with businesses in Germany and UK, and a wholesale operation to the USA. Due to unforeseen circumstances, when he was in his 30s his business collapsed, and he was made bankrupt, homeless, and on the verge of ending his life. This situation lasted for years – but the day Reiki came into his life (and it literally was the very day) it turned for the better.

Amazed and puzzled how an “energy therapy” could bring such change, he decided to explore this further and started his journey of discovering the spirituality behind the Reiki. He found that this “complementary therapy” is only made possible by a deep spiritual connection that he’d never thought possible.

Hailed as a most authentic and inspirational teacher, Torsten lives Reiki and has made it his mission to explore bringing healing into every aspect of our lives.

The scientific proof of Reiki Sound Healing

This is the crystallisation of mineral water before and after Reiki sound healing. The second picture shows a new level of energetic information, the absence of rectangular crystals (which indicate pollution) - and the overall quality has significantly improved.

ReikiScience Sound Healing Clinic

Our Contribution during COVID-19 outbreak

Normally $97 currently FREE

$ 97.00   $0.00


5 Hours of Reiki Sound Healing Recordings

Physical healing, clearing blockages, re-energizing your body.

Emotional healing, mental clarity, spritual guidance, calm and relaxation. 

Love, oneness, re-connection to your soul

90 minutes of Lessons with Torsten including...


What is Reiki

ReikiScience - discover the worlds first scientific proof of Reiki.

The Levels of Sound Healing


The Reiki History

A deeper look at Rei & Ki 



What Torsten's Students Say...

About Torsten's Live Courses

"I woke up with smile this morning, and a heart that has miraculously grown a few sizes bigger in just a few days."    Teuta

"Your teaching and wealth of knowledge is both fascinating and inspiring. It has been a privilege to train with you."     Jude

"The best weekend of my life"   Lauren

"...Words cannot really describe such experiences as they are beyond the realm of this physical world, but I imagine this is what Pure Land, Heaven or Nirvana must be like!"    Leo

"...Reiki has taken me to a whole different level of happiness"   Sabine

"I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what was the most amazing, remarkable, transformative week... Thank you!!!!"    Rupert


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