ReikiScience Practitioner Training

Based On The World's

First Scientific Proof Of Reiki

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"Take Your Healing To The Next Level"


I can't wait to share this incredible new level of Reiki understanding with you! Here's what you can expect...

  • Over 12 hours of interactive HD video content
  • 57 individual video lessons
  • Receive a personal Attunement to deepen your Reiki connection
  • Learn about the science within Reiki
  • Exclusive ReikiScience Qualification
  • All techniques with step-by-step instructions
  • Guided meditations to help you connect deeply with the Universe
  • Guided treatments
  • Exclusively composed Reiki music
  • Take this online course at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, or from where ever you are.
  • Lifetime access allows you to revise and deepen your practice 
  • View on any device, from computer to mobile phone
  • ReikiScience course manual
  • Bonus - Audiobook version of the whole course
  • Suitable for Reiki Practitioners and Masters to learn new techniques and deepen their connection to Reiki
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About Torsten

Torsten A. Lange is founder and director of The Reiki Academy in London, an international speaker and workshop facilitator, and the only Hay House author for Reiki. He has done extensive research into the history and spiritual foundations of Reiki, and taught thousands of students worldwide. And, last but not least, he credits Reiki with saving his life and bringing it back on track!

After graduating from Hamburg University, he began his career as an entrepreneur with businesses in Germany and UK, and a wholesale operation to the USA. Due to unforeseen circumstances, when he was in his 30s his business collapsed, and he was made bankrupt, homeless, and on the verge of ending his life. This situation lasted for years – but the day Reiki came into his life (and it literally was the very day) it turned for the better.

Amazed and puzzled how an “energy therapy” could bring such change, he decided to explore this further and started his journey of discovering the spirituality behind the Reiki. He found that this “complementary therapy” is only made possible by a deep spiritual connection that he’d never thought possible.

Hailed as a most authentic and inspirational teacher, Torsten lives Reiki and has made it his mission to explore bringing healing into every aspect of our lives.

What Torsten's Students Say...

About the Distant Attunements

"I was on my way to the bedroom and could already feel the pressure on my head so I knew Torsten had started. I felt relaxed as the pressure increased. When I had to open my palms I felt as if heat was radiating from them. They are still tingling now."     Tara-Jane, Course student.

"I've done my first 2 Attunements now [...]. 
It's incredible as I don't remember having such a strong experience the first time around when I had my first Attunement during the live course. 
My 1st distant Attunement was amazing. I felt the warmth in my hands, the energy around, had visions. I do not remember having such experience in the classroom."    Kate, Course student.


About Torsten's Live Courses

"I woke up with smile this morning, and a heart that has miraculously grown a few sizes bigger in just a few days."    Teuta

"Your teaching and wealth of knowledge is both fascinating and inspiring. It has been a privilege to train with you."     Jude

"The best weekend of my life"   Lauren

"...Words cannot really describe such experiences as they are beyond the realm of this physical world, but I imagine this is what Pure Land, Heaven or Nirvana must be like!"    Leo

"...Reiki has taken me to a whole different level of happiness"   Sabine

"I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what was the most amazing, remarkable, transformative week... Thank you!!!!"    Rupert


About Torsten's Hay House Book 

"The best Reiki book I've ever brought. Tells you everything you need to know & more. Defo a must buy for anyone interested in Reiki!"    5 out of 5 stars Jason, Amazon Reviewer

"No matter where you are on your Reiki journey, this book will invite you to sit down somewhere peaceful, and listen to someone speaking through its pages to you, not 'at' you, I am positive it will prove just as an amazing experience for you, as it has been for me."    5 out of 5 stars Paul, Amazon Reviewer

"More than purely an introduction to Reiki, this book has the potential to transform your life."    5 out of 5 stars Buzzybee, Amazon Reviewer

"A wonderful book, whether a novice or a Reiki Master this book is a must!"      5 out of 5 stars Dee, Amazon Reviewer

ReikiScience Practitioner Training

Based On The World's

First Scientific Proof Of Reiki

Time Limited Offer

$ 797.00   $ 197.00



Lesson 1 Welcome

Introducing the 'ReikiScience Practitioner Training Course'.

Lesson 2 - Torsten's Story

Learn about Torsten's journey with Reiki.

Lesson 3 - About Science

What does science mean in connection with Reiki?

Lesson 4 - The Story Behind The Tests

Learn about the inspiration behind the experiments of ReikiScience.

Lesson 5 - The Significance of Water

Learn about the connection between water and Reiki.

Lesson 6 - Experiment Methods

A description of the scientific method used in our experiments.

Lesson 7 - Results of the Experiments

Find out about the fascinating results of our scientific tests. 

Lesson 8 - A Deeper Look at Rei + Ki

The deeper meaning of Rei & Ki.

Lesson 9 - The History of Reiki

A fresh look at the Reiki history.

Lesson 10 - Introduction to the Attunement

Learn about the secret of an Attunement.

Lesson 11 - Guided Attunement

Play this while you receive your new attunement.

Lesson 12 - The Science Within Reiki

Find out about the different vibrational levels within Reiki. 

Lesson 13 - Power Symbol Crystal Analysis

A detailed analysis of the results of Reiki using the Power symbol. 

Lesson 14 - The Power Symbol

The real meaning behind the Power symbol.

Lesson 15 - The Level of Form

Reiki for the physical realm.

Lesson 16 - New Joshin Kokyu-Ho

An amazing breathing technique to open up more to Reiki using the Power symbol. 

Lesson 17 - Guided Hara Self-Treatment

How to give yourself a Hara treatment, and the benefits it brings.

Lesson 18 - Harmony Crystal Analysis

A detailed analysis of the results of Reiki using the Harmony symbol. 

Lesson 19 - The Harmony Symbol

The real meaning of the Harmony symbol.

Lesson 20 - Amida Nyorai

The Buddhist deity of Amida Buddha - and its significance for the understanding of Reiki. 

Lesson 21 - Middle Joshin Kokyu-Ho

An amazing breathing technique to open up more to Reiki using the Harmony symbol. 

Lesson 22 - The Level of Spirit

The next vibrational level of Reiki.

Lesson 23 - Dad's Story

How Torsten experienced his father's transition. 

Lesson 24 - Being Guided

Opening up to intuition and guidance.

Lesson 25 - Third Eye Self-Treatment

How to give yourself a "Third Eye" treatment.

Lesson 26 - Release with Reiki

Let Reiki help you with letting go of the past. 

Lesson 27 - Limitations as a Learning Tool

How to recognise and take advantage of your limitations.

Lesson 28 - Learning from Limitations - Excercise

Turn your limitations into an advantage.

Lesson 29 Connection Symbol Analysis

A detailed analysis of the water crystals after a Reiki treatment using the Connection symbol.

Lesson 30 - The Connection Symbol

The real meaning of the Connection symbol.

Lesson 31 - The Third Tanden 

Discover the core of our being. 

Lesson 32 - Upper Joshin Kokyu-Ho

Using this breathing technique with the Connection symbol. 

Lesson 33 - Heart Tanden Self-Treatment

Open your central tanden with Reiki.

Lesson 34 - Living from the Heart

Thinking from the heart, living from the heart, speaking from the heart. 

Lesson 35 - Forgiveness

Discover this incredibly powerful tool.

Lesson 36 - Romantic Love

Reiki and relationships.

Lesson 37 - Hatsurei-Ho Revisited

A powerful new take of this technique to let go of the ego. 

Lesson 38 - Guided Hatsurei-Ho

Your guided Hatsurei-Ho meditation.

Lesson 39 - The Sound of Reiki

The powerful connection of music and spirituality.

Lesson 40 - Power Symbol Kotodama

The sound vibrations for the level of form. 

Lesson 41 - Harmony Symbol Kotodama

The sound vibrations for the level of Spirit. 

Lesson 42 - Connection Symbol Kotodama

The sound vibrations for the level of love and oneness.

Lesson 43 - About Meditation

Meditation doesn't have to be difficult.

Lesson 44 - 3x Breathing

3 simple methods for conscious breathing. 

Lesson 45 - Mini Meditations

3 simple ways to meditate throughout the day. 

Lesson 46 - Awareness Meditation

A powerful meditation to discover who you truly are.

Lesson 47 - Going Deeper with the Reiki Principles

The connection between ReikiScience and the Reiki Principles.

Lesson 48 - About Anger

A deep exploration of the first Reiki principle. 

Lesson 49 - About Worry

Using the second Reiki principle to deal with your worries. 

Lesson 50 - About Gratitude

The power of being grateful.

Lesson 51 - About Diligence

A look at the most misunderstood Reiki principle. 

Lesson 52 - About Kindness

How the fifth Reiki principle can take us to the highest levels of awareness. 

Lesson 53 - Water as a Reiki Conduit

Discover some very practical and fun techniques. 

Lesson 54 - Reiki as a Complementary Therapy

What ReikiScience means for our work as Reiki practitioners. 

Lesson 55 - How to Explain Reiki to Others

A few ideas to make life easier. 

Lesson 56 - Guided Tanden Treatment

My new favourite Reiki treatment. 

Lesson 57 - Science of Life

Bringing it all together. 

Audio Book

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ReikiScience Manual

A complete guide to support your learning

Exclusive Music

Specifically composed Reiki Academy treatment and meditation music

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